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Testimonial by Edward Norton


"Lynn was the first person to illuminate for me the idea of training the voice to be a powerful and versatile instrument of character." 

 - Edward Norton
Academy Award Nominee

About Lynn

Lynn Singer was born with a special voice and an ear for spoken language. For over thirty years, she has helped people find their voice. She taught acting, speech and voice at Yale, NYU, The New School, Circle in the Square, The Actors and Directors Lab, the Gene Frankel Theater and at the T. Schreiber Studio in New York City.

She works with a wide range of clients, from Tony, Emmy, Golden Globe, Pulitzer Prize and Fulbright winners, to Fortune 500 companies and top business and management executives.

Headshot of Lynn Singer

Lynn has led training seminars at companies like Merrill Lynch Corporation and J. Walter Thompson. She has coached professional individuals (Goldman Sachs, Lehmann Bros, Deutsche Bank, Direct Energy, Inc., etc.) for business presentation and sales, and she has led workshops in New York, California, Florida, Japan and Spain for actors and business executives.

Lynn was a well-known voice of radio and television commercials for two decades, and she appeared Off-Broadway, on television and film. She holds a degree in English Literature from San Francisco State College where, in her final year, she held a fellowship. She subsequently went on to post-graduate work in theater.

Lynn currently offers private and group acting, voice and diction classes through her long established practice. In her more than thirty years of experience, Lynn has facilitated the awakening of creative consciousness in her students. She loves watching them achieve their creative potential.

Recently, Lynn wrote Breaking into Brilliance, an on line, multi-media, multi-sensorial experience of creative consciousness. The book documents her journey while simultaneously guiding others through theirs.

Doug Wright, Tony and Pulitzer Prize Winner (I Am My Own Wife): "Lynn has that rare gift; she is able to articulate with precision and clarity a largely intuitive art. She helps you unlock the actor within, and at the same time, discover yourself.”

Interviews | Lynn Singer on Breaking into Brilliance

  1. Tony O'Donnell Interview part I
  2. Tony O'Donnell Interview part II
  3. Tony O'Donnell Interview part III
  4. Omar - Breaking Into Brilliance Part I
  5. Omar - Breaking Into Brilliance Part II
  6. Omar - Breaking Into Brilliance Part III
  7. Breaking Into Brilliance Dr Erica Goodman Lynn Singer

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Picture of the cover of Breaking into Brilliance, the book written by Lynn Singer.

Breaking Into Brilliance

Breaking into Brilliance is an interactive and multi-sensorial electronic book experience that takes the process of self-investigation to a whole new level.  Narrated in the compelling voice of the author, and including her animated art, we are lead through stories, questions and images on a platform which allows the user to write and upload images - all of which serves to open the creative conscious.

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Stephanie ViolaArtistic Director, Rio Group Theatre, Actor, Writer
Lynn is an absolute must for anyone interested in furthering the potential and power of their voice. I've worked with her for over four years and she has completely transformed the way I approach my work as an actor.
Doug WrightTony and Pulitzer Prize Winner (I Am My Own Wife)
Lynn has that rare gift; she is able to articulate with precision and clarity a largely intuitive art. She helps you unlock the actor within, and at the same time, discover yourself.
Elizabeth Barton
I've been talking about Lynn to everyone I know and my friend said to me the other day, " I saw Lynn on Bravo". The word of Lynn is finally getting out to the mere mortals.
Kelly Caldwell, Banker turned inspired Entrepreneur
Providing more than breathing and vocal techniques, Lynn offers great insight that helped me find my voice - literally and figuratively!
Camille DuvallFiveTime World Champion, Hall of Fame Water-Skier, On-Air Talent
Run, don't walk. Lynn has magic!
Seth Michael May
Lynn is an established genius of voice work.  She is dedicated to leading her clients not only to finding a better, stronger voice, but their own unique voice.  She is intuitive, passionate and highly skilled.
Michael EarlyFormer Director, Yale Theater Studies
Lynn Singer is a marvelous and dynamic teacher…unparalleled and skilled at what she does…imaginative, provocative…extraordinary voice.
Robert BartholomewPhotography Critic, The Greek American
Her spirit, her spark, flow through the camera lens to build...a visual tale beginning and ending in her dream.

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