What is Your Genius?

What is your Genius? What is your Brilliance?
Tired of hearing this, especially when the answer is:

“Stop asking me! I’m not a Creative”.  Truth is, you are. You can’t walk across the street without your creativity, Your life is build with creativity.  Every choice, a creative choice though it might not seem that way.  I once heard this: “Our life is our David, we are Michelangelo”.
How to make better, more creative choices?  To not squeeze ourselves into small dark corners, only experiencing tiny pieces of our capacity.

is one way that allows us to enter into genius, into your creativity.  Boxed your curiosity down into corners with day to day living?  Start small. Investigate something small. Something you see everyday, still you miss it.  Stretch yourself.  What does lemon you squeeze into tea really smell like.

Acting students will tell us that there is a secondary smell in the lemon.
Can you play with the smell of lemon so deeply that you are able to recall it’s smell at will? Actors train in sense memory to deepen and enhance the life of their characters. What can it do for us?
Our memories are inextricably linked to our sense of smell.

Exercise your Creativity.  Cut lemon in half and inhale deeply. Put lemon down. Make attempt to recall this sensation. Pick up lemon, once more inhale. Do this repeatedly. Soon you will recall the smell. Tasting the lemon will aide your recall. What is the effect? Happier? a memory?  What can you associate with the smell of lemon?

Picasso tell us that every child is an artist, that’s their genius. If we’ve lost it, we can find it!

This is part of  the “creativity cycle” look for FB live,  Announcements of the next BreakingintoBrilliance.com Workshop, Webinar & gifts.

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