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We know that everyone is capable of brilliance. However, learning to live in our brilliance is quite another matter. Many of us meditate, have sought counseling, and are careful about what we eat and how we take care of our bodies. And yet, we are still yearning. We have not anchored our relation to spirit nor accepted that we are creating the world around us.

To help us release out of old beliefs and ideas and activate our creative powers, Lynn Singer offers her new book, Breaking into Brilliance; An Awakening of Creative Consciousness.

Interactive and multi-sensorial, Breaking into Brilliance is an electronic book experience that takes the process of self-investigation to a whole new level. Animated with Lynn’s personal artwork and narrated by the author, it draws the reader more deeply into the content and offers an integrated electronic journal.

Breaking Into Brilliance  - Attraction Summaries


bike-ATTRACTIONS SUM1I begin by sharing a powerful dream that mirrors my transformational path. The eight Attractions will move you through seminal signposts, and helps to ground you on your journey.

Dreams are one way in which the soul speaks to the mind. Some dreams are messages cloaked as riddles. Once we begin to investigate our dreams we become acquainted with the part of ourselves that is searching for its truest voice. Dreams can be a call to action and will often present choices, as the one that the author shares.

You are encouraged to recall your most memorable dream - it is the beginning of your journey into the unconscious mind.

Visuals are throughout Breaking into Brilliance. They do not simply decorate the text they act as their own parallel and dreamlike narrative, working to unblock the mind and spirit. Many of the images are animated. The animation brings the feeling of the text closer and brings greater depth and meaning of that moment to the imagination.

monksUSEThe subconscious mind drives many behaviors. In this chapter, we look at what we do to numb ourselves. The fears, pain and decisions we make in childhood are buried in our subconscious and often drive our adult lives.

This first chapter also introduces the Law of Attraction; the idea that we attract what we think about.

Breathing exercises are introduced that, when practiced in conjunction with questioning, deeply held beliefs or events may surface. Sifting through one's belief systems in this way, negative thoughts can be observed, owned and eventually dismantled, transformed. We are what we think. We are what we believe.

A final narrative introduces a life-affirming voice heard from the higher self: "It's going to be fine. It's going to take time."

no-ATTRACTION 3Just as our spirit may speak to us in the unconscious dream state, disturbing events in our lives may also be spirit trying to reach us. The second Attraction reinforces the importance of questioning and poses provocative questions, for example: What was my divorce really about? Why was I in that car accident? Why are things just not going my way? Who would I be without all this baggage? What am I supposed to be doing here?

This Attraction helps track events that bring us face to face with the present.

Breathing exercises, bodywork and meditation are evoked to bring clarity to the questions and the abject fear and confusion that questioning awakens. A film story is shared, of a young man who listens to the voice beyond his terror and transforms his life. And the life-affirming voice can be heard in the final narration, accompanied by a photo of a woman standing with her back to the edge of the cliffs: "Magnetic forces from the volcano are at work here, forces of change."

3Examining our questions and answers brings us face-to-face with our life events and choices. Walking The River of Our Life is an exercise used to illuminate the interior landscape of our choices. This helps us recognize the depth of feeling held in our actions and in the events of our lives.

How do we move through the resistance? How do we encounter and face our shadow side? It takes courage and the will to listen. The reader is reassured that if we hold the space for change, we will encounter change. Breathing exercises are used to facilitate the examination process.

The story of a film details the cruelty of withholding love. Then we are asked to gather strength with "Conversations We Don't Want to Have."

The photo of a tree, whose leaves are disappearing into light, accompanies the final narration. Here, the narration confirms the strength of our grounding even as we lose the thoughts and behaviors that have defined us.

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4We dove into the fire coming face-to-face with ourselves. Now we create a construct that builds new and greater courage and power. Images of Greece underscore the search. We look at choices, relationships, education and work through compassionate eyes. Using the Breath Walk Create Meditation we explore un-charted territory, which will allow us to fully own our power.

Evoking the power of the natural world to open our imagination and senses, we pay special attention to animals and how animals communicate to us in mysterious ways. The ancient traditions of nearly all indigenous people teach us that animal symbolism is a powerful way to tune into the voice of our highest self.

Animated animal drawings and an Animal Visualization exercise is used to open these channels to our higher self, creating space for new ways of seeing and the possibility of change. Finally, a photo of a white horse emerging from the darkness gently demands the reader to come out of the shadows. "What would happen if I moved so far from my old habits that my old world would be as a shadow"?

5In this chapter, change in all its forms is presented visually for the viewer to consider. It begins with A Journey and moves through Love, Union, Conflict, Passion, A Dream Unfulfilled, A New Vision, The Interior Life and Learning. Presented as a curated art exhibit, these images are designed to evoke memories and feelings that bring the viewer to a most critical turning point: learning to forgive. For many, the concept of forgiving themselves will be quite foreign. But having launched an honest inquiry into our life events in Attraction 2, Land of Many Questions, examining our shadow side in Attraction 3, Into the Fire, and opening up our imagination and sense of wonderment in Attraction 4, A Journey Out - we might be ready to allow the idea of forgiveness to stir in us. And forgiving ourselves is within our grasp. Truly accepting forgiveness can immediately alter who we are.

6Coming out of the darkness means understanding your story in a different way. It means releasing feelings that you inherited as a child; it means trying on a new thought process, a "new skin." To open up our creative capacity, we have an exercise to create "A New Skin". A New Skin helps us to think of different ways of being. Another exercise investigates the love that creates miracles.

This chapter introduces the concept of Angels and a benevolent universe conspiring to help us on our journey. Who would I be if I were completely aligned with the universe?

An advanced yogic breathing technique prepares readers for a powerful meditation.

Finally, quantum physics speaks to the possibility of walking on water: if one believes with every cell in their body that they will walk on water, they will walk on water.

7"Creative beings create their feelings not just experience them." We are encouraged to choose life because in it there is beauty and benevolence, interconnection, mystery and music. And we are all part of it. "You can't want to die if you think you may never again hear Chopin or Mozart or Mingus."

Gratitude sizzles in a multitude of appreciations, "Why Do I Keep On Keeping On?" Reinforcing the idea of strength gained through owning and choosing our thoughts and feelings, we are presented with an image and these words: "When the spine strong it feels like a heart."

In animation, three more doorways open and steps spiral into the light.

Quantum Physics continues to instruct through the description of a film that dramatizes how thoughts become reality.

8We are eternal beings. The freedom that we all have in common is freedom of the mind. As we learn to choose our thoughts to create our reality, we learn to be free. This is Mastery.

A shimmering collage and more photos lead us to the entrance of a New World.

We are encouraged to embrace our humanness through our senses. "Costuming Your Essence" is an exercise that helps us locate and celebrate our core self. "Anew dream" reveals a seemingly endless swimming pool that invites impossible ideas and a sense of immortality.

"Becoming a Master" calls for eternity, here on earth. The poetic masterwork, The Tao Te Ching teaches us to be in the practice of eternity while here on earth.

A film of an aerialist walking between the two towers of a building brings us to our knees with awe as we witness the impossible. Animated birds fly.

The book closes with an event of revelation by a brilliant young mother who tells us: "I want my baby to be born in happiness" and that is exactly what she creates.

About the Author

Lynn Singer has written a brave book. Breaking into Brilliance is her story of transformation, but she has paid it forward so it can become your story of transformation.

Packed with beautiful original artwork, stories, dreams and exercises, Lynn becomes the gentle guide that illuminates your inner brilliance and your true nature, allowing your true self to shine through. This book can help you unlock the answers to these questions and many more: What are my gifts? What did I come to earth to do? What can I do to help me live my best life now?

This book has become a friend to me, and I hope it will become a friend to you.

~ Susan Lander | Author, "Conversations with History"