What are you afraid to say out loud?

The most difficult moments that we face have the potential to bring us the greatest growth. So, what are you afraid to say out loud?

Imagine standing in front of someone very important to you and saying with great humbleness, with great gentleness, “there’s something we have to talk about.”

You may be frightened to bring up the subject. They might be frightened as well.  You might not be heard. They might get upset, angry, or refuse to acknowledge your truth.  How do you respond? What is left open for you?

But what if they thank you? What if you are met with acknowledgement and support –“we should have been talking about this a long time ago. I’m so glad you have the courage to say this to me.” And then there is a new level of truth and trust that’s built as a result.  This helps to build our confidence to say out loud what needs to be said.

It does take courage. You always face the unknown  in a situation that feels uncomfortable. Learn the courage to speak your truth easily, knowing that the consequences might be difficult.

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