It is my great hope that Breaking Into Brilliance podcasts will further inspire you on your journey of transformation. Each podcast relates to and augments a journal entry.  

I have interviewed friends, colleagues and respected professionals who have shared their views on the topics we explore in Breaking Into Brilliance. Please enjoy these podcasts as much as I enjoy making them. They are intending to broaden, deepen and expand your experience.

Here is a sample for you to enjoy...

  1. FRANK ANDREWS - How to Practice Being in Eternity


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  1. RICK ULFIK - Dreamers That Demand Their Dreams Into Being
  2. ALAN STEINFELD - Defining Consciousness
  3. JIM KENNELLY - Metaphysical Questions & Why They Are Important
  4. CAROL REYNOLDS - The Power & Authenticity of Movement
  5. ANNE FLOURNOY - The Frozen Conversations In Life
  6. THERESE TUCKER - Our Relationship to the Spirit
  7. MONIQUE LANG - Emotional Baggage How We Are With It And How We Are Without It
  8. JOHN GERMAIN What It Means To Be a Fully Conscious Human Being
  9. ANN ORTELEE - The Genesis of Negative Thoughts
  10. SUSAN LANDER - The Inner Voice of Wisdom
  11. KEVIN URBAN - What Circumstances Move People to Wake Up From Their Unconscious