Spirit World Revealed

The Spirit World opened at Montalk, L.I., in summar, at the ocean.

“Have you ever heard a “voice” really clearly? Someone in your head is talking, but it’s not your thoughts? The first time I heard a voice,  as if someone was speaking through me, to me.  This moment was simple and powerful. I was very still, filled with immense relief”. From Breaking into Brilliance.com

Wasn’t sure how to reenter that world but I had felt it.  I wondered how anyone could teach this. I had not yet met Therese Tucker.

Therese Tucker, trained actor – singer turned spiritual advisor – artist. Therese helps people enter the mysterious world of the inner voice I had experienced.  She helps clients learn to trust their relationship to the spirit world.

Some of her clients are learning to build their businesses through relationship to spirit world,  the world of the intuition, heart, soul.

Therese’s gift has been with her always; working with her “team in spirit” clients release blocks that keep intuitive gifts hidden.  Disconnect from spirit had seeped in, helping them create disbelief and sorrow. Layers of “debris” shed through Therese’s guidance. Then, after grounding their relationship to the spirit world, Therese brings attention to another level of information and problem solving found deep within each of us.

Recently, Therese and her business partner, Rach Wilson discovered  the “4 intelligences” in the human body. One concerns the true power of the heart.

She and Rach offer many ways to work. Clients can join monthly astrological webinars at the new moon and full moon. Therese and Rach also guide their ladypreneurs, as they call their clients, with private sessions, FB live, success circle membership, radio shows and workshops. Find Therese and Rach at  www.Spirit4Success.com.  Free gifts are yours for the asking.  You will be delighted.


Spirit World Revealed — Conversation with Therese Tucker

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