Mind Body Connection – a conversation with Carol Reynolds

Give Carol Reynolds your body and she will give you back your mind!  Carol is at the forefront of the mind body spirit movement and has been since the sixties.  Working with notable doctors and psychologists, strengthened her understanding of the mind body connection.  As a dancer / singer / actor and teacher, she is drawn to techniques that emphasise the role of breath in mind body connection.

Carol’s powerful, unique and transformative body work system is called Body Dynamics.  It incorporates many techniques from different modalities. Carol tells us that “the way we hold ourselves in the present may have nothing to do with the present”.  Our emotional life is trapped; stored in the contraction of our muscles. 

Imagine exhaling negative thoughts through your muscles.  The physics of breathing has an enormous impact on our mood, our levels of concentration, even our relationships. Breathing relaxes the muscles and reassures the mind that all is well.  The mind body connection is powerful!

Carol’s transformative abilities are immediately apparent. The body begins to align, breathing changes and the held muscles give way to authenticity. Physical alignment strengthen our ability to hold emotions. Consequently, the more difficult emotions are more easily accessed.  The courage of acceptance and belief in what is possible, thrives.

Body Dynamics is so deeply revelatory that I personally believe Carol will be the recipient of the McArthur Award! Listen to my interview with Carol for more details on the role of breath in changing your mind body and spirit!  

The Mind Body Connection: A Conversation with Carol Renyolds

You can reach Carol at the Terry Schrieber Studio at  212 -741-0209.

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