Attraction 3 – Into the Fire

Examining our questions and answers brings us face-to-face with our life events and choices. Walking The River of Our Life is an exercise used to illuminate the interior landscape of our choices. This helps us recognize the depth of feeling held in our actions and in the events of our lives. How do we move […]

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Attraction 4 – The Journey Out

We dove into the fire coming face-to-face with ourselves. Now we create a construct that builds new and greater courage and power. Images of Greece underscore the search. We look at choices, relationships, education and work through compassionate eyes. Using the Breath Walk Create Meditation we explore un-charted territory, which will allow us to fully […]

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Attraction 5 – Turning Point. Tipping Point.

In this chapter, change in all its forms is presented visually for the viewer to consider. It begins with A Journey and moves through Love, Union, Conflict, Passion, A Dream Unfulfilled, A New Vision, The Interior Life and Learning. Presented as a curated art exhibit, these images are designed to evoke memories and feelings that […]

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Attraction 6 – Out of Darkness

Coming out of the darkness means understanding your story in a different way. It means releasing feelings that you inherited as a child; it means trying on a new thought process, a “new skin.” To open up our creative capacity, we have an exercise to create “A New Skin”. A New Skin helps us to […]

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Attraction 7 – A New Beginning

“Creative beings create their feelings not just experience them.” We are encouraged to choose life because in it there is beauty and benevolence, interconnection, mystery and music. And we are all part of it. “You can’t want to die if you think you may never again hear Chopin or Mozart or Mingus.” Gratitude sizzles in […]

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Attraction 8 – Freedom

We are eternal beings. The freedom that we all have in common is freedom of the mind. As we learn to choose our thoughts to create our reality, we learn to be free. This is Mastery. A shimmering collage and more photos lead us to the entrance of a New World. We are encouraged to […]

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