Every Child an Artist

Creativity Lab #2

Picasso tells every us child an Artist.   How do we lose contact with GENIUS? This is what BreakingintoBrilliance.com  is answering.  Don’t we all marvel at play, joy and imagination of children. “Out of the mouths of babes…. comes wisdom!”  We watch and listen, totally absorbed. Totally delighted. Remembering.

Let’s Talk about Genius.  Can you uncover the child in you, the artist –  it has been hidden from you.  Haven’t you wished to bring it back? Do you feel that friends who work happy, with skill, focus and imagination approach their work with art?  Do you long for this?

Every child an artist

Think about play and what you loved best in your childhood.  Did you love “make believe”?  Sports, or science?  One cousin drew pictures, one played rock & roll, Elvis Presley.  One friend took things apart. Another blew things up.  Every child is an artist.


4.5 years old, holding dad’s hand, late for my first film (Disney), I looked at the screen, “I own that”.  At 7 years old, I asked, “What will I do?” dance? act?”  When I was 8 years old,  a neighbor presents “cells” he drew for Disney!!!   He woke me up:  love the work you do.  Allow extraordinary work, even revolutionary work.

Don’t forget these moments. Peeling the layers back will bring these moments to life, permanently.

I challenge you

Sit in meditation, and locate in your body the memories of your heart’s desire. Work with my Animal Visualization,  locate moments,  and bring your senses to play. Where are you the first moment you feel your brilliance? How old are you? What colors are you seeing? What season is it? What are you wearing? What are you smelling? Remember to witness the joy. The biggest computer is the brain. You can do this. You can locate buried feelings. Change your life. Every child an artist, every adult buried impulses of genius. Reclaim your brilliance! Create the life you long for!

This is the second step of my creativity cycle. We look for your GENIUS!

This is part of weekly “creativity cycle”.  Look for BIB on FB live.  Look for details of  next  BreakingintoBrilliance.com  Webinar,  Feb 23,  Zoom.


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