Eternity – Learning to Understand the Concept

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 Learn to Practice Eternity

I have long been interested in the concept of eternity (infinite time – duration without beginning or end) and how, as souls on earth, we can learn to practice eternity. To better understand this, and to answer my own question, I turned to my friend, the famous psychic, Frank Andrews.  For 50 years, Frank has been a well known medium and psychic based in New York City.

Tools of the Trade

Psychics come in many forms, using crystals, cards, charts.  The tools they use enable them to look into our personality and character; to see indications of past and future events. Answers provided by the psychic, hidden in plain sight in the tools, and are imbued with energy and information from the seeker. Because the reader is sensitive to the information revealed, psychics help you solve conflicts, choose new jobs, cities and mates. They raise consciousness, moving us to look deeper inward. We learn to practice eternity.

What to Expect at a Reading

First Frank greets you at his door: “Who is telling you to get off stage? I tell everyone to get off. You get back on!” However, when he lays out his pyramid shaped structure of cards, he only refers and integrates their meaning. He does not ask questions. His relationship to the cards lead him. They act as a roadmap. His forehead bulges with energy as scenes begin to erupt there. His eyes give away his ability: large and deep, they shimmer, are glossy and unusual.

Where It Happens

Frank does his readings in a room where the only accouterment to spirit world is a beautiful Buddha which has been draped in cloth and is set into a large niche in the wall behind him. His home has beauty, a sanctuary that embraces and calms. Be sure to record and listen again.

Hear what Frank says about how we learn to practice eternity. My interview below….


Learn to Practice Eternity – a Conversation with Frank Andrews

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