Breaking into Brilliance Interview w/ Dr. Erica Goodman

Lynn Singer interviewed by Dr. Erica Goodman, about her Breaking into Brilliance online book. Listen to the interview and read Dr. Goodman’s response to the book.


I am blown away by your book!  It is an amazing meditative experience incorporating your lifetime of wisdom.  Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

Have you considered creating webinars in which you teach your book and give people time to write during the webinar?
I would love to assist you in any way I can.
I am reminded of a webinar series that I took with Jean Houston and another one with Neale Donald Walsh. Jeanne’s work was profound and so was Neale’s but neither was anywhere near as creatively absorbing and engaging as yours. This is a total body experience and I have not even done any writing. I will go through the book a second time and do the writing. But the viewer does not have to stop with writing. Your book will inspire composing songs, writing lyrics and poetry, choreographing dance routines, painting.
Just listening and seeing the images becomes a deeply meditative and joyful experience.
Your voice is so soothing and enchanting. It adds mystery and drama to each piece of eternal truth.

I have so much work I had planned to do tonight but once I started reading and listening to your book, I can’t help continuing to turn the pages.

Connecting with you has been a beautiful gift. For the past few weeks I have been having an emotionally difficult time. The owner of my apt plans to sell so I have to move. Since I have had enough advance notice and I have signed a new lease elsewhere – in an even better, more open and lovely apt, this is the first time that as I pack I am going through my files, discarding and shredding and also reading. I found lists of goals from many years ago that I have not yet achieved. I have seen so many articles I have written that led to nothing useful and trainings I have taken that did not help me to succeed in the way that would feel successful to me. So I have felt acutely sad, depressed, alone and with the feeling that there is nobody I can talk to about this.

Your book in all its beauty and wonder reminded me that I am still on my spiritual quest, that I have not arrived, and that that is okay – part of the human experience. I am reminded to ask myself those questions, to question the pains, to explore my breath and to re-experience the wonder of being alive.

Thank you. I can’t wait to tell people about your book and send them to your web site.

Again, if I can help you in any way please feel free to ask.

Warmly with a really caring hug,


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