Tell Me More!! What is Your Genius?

drawing of a person's head in silhouette. The top of the head has been cute off, and there are randomly sized circles being released from the head indicating thought, creativity, ideas, genius, etc.


Picasso tells us that every child is an artist.

How do we find it again? I am asking everyone the same question lately, and please indulge me as I ask you all at the same time.

What is it we truly want?

What is at the bottom of our anxiety? The need for permanent positive change? Creativity? Peace? Beauty? Understanding why we are here? All these questions need our attention. These are the BIG questions.

I  believe it starts with who we really are and how we lost our connection to who we really are – what we have come here to earth to do.
Most of us were never asked or given the opportunity to find out,
Some of us felt it but life, family or the world smoothed it out of us,
Some lucky ones know it and work to bring it to the world,
Others manage to unearth it on their own, in spite of the suppression.

 What is Your Genius? 

If we are deeply in touch with ourselves and our gifts and know how to use them, might not much of our anxiety be alleviated?

If we are deeply in touch with ourselves and our gifts and know how to use them, might not much of our anxiety be alleviated?
Would we not feel a deep sense of purpose, a calm, a coming home?

Quantum Physics

Quantum Physicists tell us we are creating every second of every minute of every day.

Are we creating our heart’s desire? If not, why not? Does it frighten you to try? You don’t know where to start looking for your deepest self? You can really investigate it, locate it.

It is extraordinary to come face to face with your Genius!

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