• Every Child an Artist

    BreakingintoBrilliance.com                      Creativity Lab #2 Picasso tells every us child an Artist.   How do we lose contact with GENIUS? This is what BreakingintoBrilliance.com  is answering.  Don’t we all marvel at play, joy and imagination of children. “Out of the mouths of babes…. comes wisdom!”  We watch and […]

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  • Drawing of a 3 women - one facing the viewer, the other two in profile to her, facing in opposite directions. There is a moon above the head of the woman in the center.

    Eternity – Learning to Understand the Concept

     Learn to Practice Eternity I have long been interested in the concept of eternity (infinite time – duration without beginning or end) and how, as souls on earth, we can learn to practice eternity. To better understand this, and to answer my own question, I turned to my friend, the famous psychic, Frank Andrews.  For 50 years, […]

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