About the Artist

When the Greek Press and Information Office celebrated their new address with their first cultural event of the year, Director Dimitris Gemelos invited photographer Lynn Singer to present The Greek Photos II. Delegates from many nations represented by the UN and friends of the office were among the invited guests.

Ms. Singer's photos of Greece focused on the details of sacred spaces, studying these details as another might study the human body.  Her interest in the sacred spaces of Greece began her journey for peace through art.  Her profession is voice. She photographs her subjects by ‘listening’ as well as ‘seeing’, hearing the drama.  Even the sheets in a landscape echo the ridges in the temple and the folds in a Greek statue.

For twenty years Ms. Singer has been working with Master printer Vincent Tcholakian of Diana Lab, her printer and teacher.  Recently, with Smudge DAS (formally V-9), she is showing large scale black and white digital prints.  Presenting her first show of Greece with The Greek Photos I in ’98 at the 2/20 Gallery in Chelsea, in NYC,  she returned to 2/20 with‘Ancient Olympia: Peace Now’ in ’06 in honor of Peace One Day Day, creating her first sacred space.

Ms. Singer’s work is in private collections

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Robert BartholomewPhotography Critic, The Greek American
Her spirit, her spark, flow through the camera lens to build...a visual tale beginning and ending in her dream.