Can I Find Answers Through my Astrological Chart?

I have often wondered, how do we get to the root of problems that people face? Can I find answers through my astrological chart? Can we ever know? And if we do, what then?

To help answer these questions, I look famous astrologer,  Before she sheds light on these heavy questions, she begins with the bigger picture – what the stars say your life’s mission is all about.

Anne might tell you, “ Saving the world important is  for you”.   “Chart shows me images like a bucking bronco.  Managing these big energies will create solid strength.”  Deeper inquiries may involve  “the genesis of negativity”.

The universe lays out our life for us through interaction of planets in the heavens at time of our birth. Anne’s personal reading tells of events and people, their importance in life.  She tells us how planets and stars influence us.

As each week has particular energy, we have our own energy, our own story. Many people know Anne’s “Weekly Weather Report” online.  Anne sets herself apart.   Her report is packed with solid astrological information, interpretation, mythology, literature, music, current events.  Each day and week has their own energy, their own story, their own possibilities.

She speaks to simple and complex sign posts, what to glory and what to watch and what to watch for. Why we are here, how we “use” our life.  She speaks about the stream that moves us, particular character traits, attributes and cautions.

Influences that contribute to the root of problems are in our chart and so are the solutions. All signs are there. Everyone comes face to face with difficult personal internal aspects. Knowing when they flare,  how to subdue flares and transform  impulses, can radically change our lives.

Anne has a weekly class in NYC. She travels for speaking appearances, events and workshops. Her book “If Its in Your Chart, Its in Your Heart” will be available soon.  Go to  for what she is offering. It’s a Smorgasbord!

Answers with Astrology – a Conversation with Anne Ortelee

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